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My Yule: Saga & the Disir

I used some vacation time to take off the days I wasn't already given off during Yule. So I have the luxury of not having to work at all during Yule. When I arrived home at sundown on the first night of Yule, I arrived to several packages that had arrived that day for me... so it was something of a treat to be able to open so many Yuletide goodies at once, on the first night of Yule. Since I was celebrating festivities with Asgard Troth, I didn't go all out at home. I gave some keys, amber and garnet to my disir (of which I still need to bury, meanwhile it's on the altar for them).

With my email woes, what I had not known was that the Asgard Troth gathering had been canceled for Mother's Night since so many other things had come up for other people. So when I arrive to the host's place I had a rather shocked look greeting me as the wind howled outside. But since they were planning to do anything for Mother's Night, my hosts encouraged me to stay to celebrate with them. We drank homebrewed pomegranate mead, had a veritable feast with way too much food, and raised a horn to our disir, as well as our gods, and others during Sumble. And the Disir were gifted with soaps and chocolate.

This time of year, when the weather grows chill I always think of Saga. Traditionally the winter months was the time of year when people made goods for trade, gift, or their own use. And folks would sit together around the fire for warmth and tell tales. It is the time of Saga. So, I hailed Saga during sumble, and had asked of Her that while we continue to make new stories, and share our known history, that She will reveal new ways for us to learn the history that has been lost. It also seemed doubly appropo considering it was the Mother's Night celebration, and much of what's been lost includes our own ancestral history. Not 24 hours later, I saw that Hail to Saga begin to come into fruition. (I wouldn't be surprised if the disir of my line didn't also have something to do with it).

To keep the story brief, suffice it to say that after my paternal grandmother died there was a huge family feud, that resulting in gunshots being fired at my father and his sisters by some of their brothers. After it was finally settled in court, all of the house my grandparents had lived in and their belongings 'mysteriously' burned in a fire that night. So outside of photos, I personally had nothing that physically tied me back to them.

So, I celebrated Mother's Night Saturday evening, and the next day left for my relatives in West, Texas. Most of my aunts have been loading me with stuff everytime I visit them, since they're getting older and they want to ensure things go to those who will appreciate them, and steward them (since so far most of the stuff hasn't been in this family). Among the items that my Aunt gave to me, was a necklace, and a ring handcrafted by my Uncle Lloyd (who died before I was even born). The necklace had been made from a found object, a hickory nut acquired on my paternal grandfather's land. He added either glass or some semi-precious stones to it for a little extra pizzaz. It's not a big thing, in fact it's but a small token, but it was quite meaningful to me. And I am grateful for it and thank both my Disir and Saga for it.

Unfortunately, I left for the trip feeling under the weather, and returned quite sick. I've been drugged to the gills fighting off a sinus infection that turned into bronchitis, and is back into a sinus infection. Tonight is the 12th Night celebration for Asgard Troth... (yes a couple days early so people could show) and I went down for a nap thinking I'd see if that might do the trick so I felt a bit more energized so I could make an appearance. So after my nap I awoke and begun to get ready when a wave of vertigo hit that had me crashing to the floor. I hate it when my sinuses get so bad as to affect my inner ear balance, once I hit vertigo stage it's just not safe for me to drive as it comes and goes suddenly (Usually as I turn my head or tilt it to a new angle). So home, tonight I shall stay--sorry asatru_mom!
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