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12th Night

I spent a quiet 12th Night at home this year. I had invites for a few gatherings, but while I'm beginning to feel better, I still feel rather under the weather and just wasn't feeling up to being my usual sociable and charming self. I wore my Peanuts tee featuring Lucy saying "As a matter of fact, I'm proud of being crabby" as that's how I felt most of the day.

But about an hour after sundown, I took the time by torchlight to go outside into the yard. I gave Freyr a hornfull of Vodka, raised a horn to all the Gods with apple juice (purely spontaneous here, I think I just see "newness" and vitality on this night and so Idunna's apples came to mind), & I buried the offerings from Mother's night (antique brass keys, an assortment of beads (garnet, amber, turqouise, red coral, mother of pearl, freshwater pearls, abalone shell, carved bone beads and antler horn beads, a variety of silver beads, some blue sunstone, rose quartz, just to name a few), chocolate, and soap. To the vaettir I offered a horn of kiwi-strawberry juice, and almonds. To the Gods and the Ancestors I declared the goals & wishes I have for this year, and asked for Their assistance when needed.

May the Gods and our ancestors walk with us in this year, so that we may grow in wisdom and have a life rich with joy.