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Recycle Program for Cell Phones Help U.S. Troops Call Home

Let's face it, we're a material society. The buzz is always about the latest electronics, the latest cellphone, and they're always adding new features all the time. Japan is on the cutting edge of the cellphone revolution. In Japan you can make debit purchases from vending machines to rent movies, pay for flowers, and a plethora of other items commonly and not-socommonly (well at least outside of Japan) found in vending machines all from your cellphone. One department store even has it set up, so customers can text their retail sales staff for assistance on finding an item in another color or size, and the staff brings it directly to the dressing room.

The good old U.S. of A. is usually a few years behind on cellphone advances, but cellphones in the last 5 years alone have changed dramatically in this country. People are usually upgrading every 2-3 years to a new phone... but then what do you do with the old phone? One great new cause is where my old phone will soon be going (once I transfer my contacts to the new phone)... and what's this cause?

The "Cell Phones For Soldiers" Program is rather simple. You mail them a cell phone (or drop one off at designated locations), they then make money re-selling it, and the money is used to pay for calling cards which go to our troops serving overseas. Shipping is even free within the U.S. Not only is this a great solution so landmines don't fill up with the discarded cell phones and helps keep potential toxins from polluting our home Midgard, but you help soldiers far from home be able to talk with friends and family that helps keep connections and community alive, even when they're a world apart.

If you know of any military man or woman currently serving, you can even sign them up to receive one! And for those of you who really take a shine to this charity, they are always looking for businesses, orgainzations, schools & groups to become a drop-off point as well.