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Full Fathom Five: A Boast for me, a Boast for she...

tamyris' latest devotional is now officially out in print, featuring a bookcover by yours truly, (although for some reason the bookcover is displaying oddly on Lulu's website). The book cover was divinely inspired. I haven't worked but in passing with the deities in this devotional, and so I was expecting the cover design to be an ordeal... but I blinked and the cover was designed, as they guided my hands. There are many layered images and things in the cover, from the obvious sea shell spiral pattern of a nautilus, to schools of fish, roaring waves, shafts of light as seen from underwater in the deep sea, calm seas and stormy skies, plus a few other things (can you find them?).

Full Fathom Five is a devotional dedicated to the Norse Deities of the sea: Ran, Aegir, Their Nine Daughters and Njord. It is the first full-color devotional from Asphodel Press, with beautiful photographs and illustrations on nearly every page. It offers a moving compilation of poems, prayers and personal accounts from people who love and honor these Gods. Respect for the ocean and its bounty is also discussed by those who have found that loving Gods of the sea means preserving that which is Their body. For anyone seeking to develop a relationship with these Gods, seeking a means of deepening a pre-existing relationship or for those who simply want to learn more, this devotional is a worthy addition to one's book hoard.

It's currently available on and will soon be available on .
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