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Dallas/Fort Worth Asatru Meet-Up

This is obviously for the locals.

This meet-up was started by my friend asatru_mom and is intended to become a regular monthly meet-up, every third Sunday of any given month. It's a chance for Asatru folks and Asatru-curious folks to come together to socialize.

Sunday, February 17 at 11:00AM

River Legacy Park
701 NW Green Oaks Boulevard at Cooper Street
Arlington TX 76006

To sign up for the group, as well as RSVP please go here: http://asatru.meetup.com/253/
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I'm on the site right now trying to figure out the thing. Apparently, I messed something up, but I'm not sure what. Meeting is still the same time and place though, just the meetup site seems excessively complicated.
I think it's just giving the cross-street.