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Wyrd, orlog & hamingja

Someone had a discussion going on in their LJ recently, which reminded me of something even I'm guilty of... and that's combining the concepts of orlog, hamingja and wyrd, together as just "wyrd."

So I felt inspired to take the time out and roughly define the differences between these interconnected concepts.

Roughly wyrd can equate one's destiny, and an individual's threads and how they are interwoven together equates ones orlog. A person's orlog therefore impacts their wyrd. But wyrd is never a final thing in our tradition, for there is always a concept within our cosmological worldview, that someone can work with their orlog and change their wyrd. Then you have the hamingja, which is the influence of one's ancestors upon your individual orlog, and your wyrd/destiny.


I like how you worded it. Can I use it? Giving of course full credit. You said it much better and succinctly than I could have.
Um... er.... *flattered*