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Voting in the Primaries

Last Friday I went to my local polling place, and early voted for the upcoming March 4th primaries. I've consistently voted through the years, as I'm a believer in making sure I get out and speak my voice. Even though my opinion is usually quite in contradiction with many of my neighbors.

This time was unique for me, for I could actually feel the web as I stood there before my ballot. I've only felt wyrd/orlog in very specific circumstances before, usually in ritual. The energy buzzing through me, like touching a live wire and hitting your 'funny' bone all at the same time. That's the only way I can describe it at least. To me, it only proves just how important this election is. So I encourage everyone to make sure they get out and vote.
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Our's was a walk on the Surreal Side. Not only has the candidate we voted for stepped down, the results didn't count anyway. Ah Florida;>...
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