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Who beat me up while I was sleeping? Was it you?

So this weekend I was supposed to head out to Asgard Troth for Ostara festivities. But instead, I had some family come in from out of town suddenly, and so that ruined the previous plans. Add in the fact I was once again feeling under the weather, and some bad news... It was one hell of a weekend (no reference to the Goddess intended).

I still haven't personally celebrated Ostara yet. I'm planning to put together some things later in the week to Honor the Gods & Goddesses.

For anyone interested in unique, individually handcrafted jewelry inspired by traditional Swedish folk arts, may want to check this out:

"The unique and stunning Swedish reindeer leather jewelry is quickly gaining popularity in fashion circles and with celebrities in the US. Lapland bracelets are very popular in Europe where both men and women wear the them, often stacked. My nickel-free, chrome-free and vegetable tanned leather products are handmade in Sweden and shipped to you from Boston. Look for other unique handmade gift items in my Etsy Shop as well."

Site Link: www.swedart.com


We missed you at Ostara, and I hope you're doing okay. *hugs*

We'll see you next time! :-)