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seeking special occassion dresses...

OK, so after reading the subject line you're probably thinking... huh?

Well, several coworkers of mine have started up a community effort, so that girls who otherwise may not get the chance, will have a chance to enjoy their high school prom. They're starting off with one school this year (in North Texas), and hope to make it grow to more schools next year. This year they are trying to connect deserving girls with donated dresses, donated dry cleaning, and even donated tailor services.

But dresses are still needed. If any of you have prom appropriate special occassion dresses--don't forget bride's maid dresses may also work for this--that have been sitting in the closet unworn for some time now, won't you consider donating it? Do you know of anyone else who may have a dress or two to donate as well?

The prom is scheduled late in April, so donations need to be received by Friday, April 11th. If you'd like to donate, please leave a comment. :)