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What I've been up to

I just realized I've been remiss in posting about what's going on in my neck of the woods of late.

One of my latest projects at work is really coming together. I'm tying up the last of the loose ends, and then it's just a matter of sitting back and keeping an eye on it to see if it meets, or even exceeds expectations.

Last week is probably going to be the "coolest" week for me of 2008. Monday Night I was at an exclusive closed party at the Ghost Bar in Dallas, with Paul Oakenfold dj'ing as part of the festivities for the AFI Dallas Film Festival. Mr. Oakenfold has done a new re-mix of the James Bond theme used in Die Another Day, music for Matrix Reloaded, and many more. The place was LOUD, had a fantastic view of downtown Dallas, and I had alot of fun after panicking over what to wear.

For those of you who know me, I'm not a big drinker. I hate stuff that is dry or bitter. So I asked the bartender for something sweet, he pours me a drink he calls a L.A. Water. It was sweet, wasn't dry, and it definitely had a kick. :)

Friday, I attended the film Vexille, which was a great little CGI animated film out of Japan. The screening was attended by the FILM's Director, who did a Q & A afterwards. His English wasn't perfect, but he was charming and amusing. When he couldn't quite find the words he'd fall back on his native tongue and rely on an interpreter. I knew, Sori had come from a visual effects background, I hadn't realized he had done so many of the special effects used in the Titanic film, as he put it, lots of falling people. :P

I've also been working with some coworkers on collecting special occassion dresses to help deserving girls at Lewisville High School to find a dress so they can go and enjoy the Prom without turning down the dance due to financial concerns.