Trickster's Daughter (lokis_dottir) wrote,
Trickster's Daughter

Last Night's Storms - I'm ok just sleep-deprived

So around 3:40am, I was awoken by a window shaking boom of Thunder, followed within about a couple of seconds of my mom screaming up the stairs to me "TORNADO!"

I must admit that's probably the fastest I've ever awoken, AND the fastest I've ever hauled myself anywhere. Because I was like lightning making it down the stairs, scooping up the kitty and going into my parent's closet (as it's the safest place in our house).

My cat isn't one to tolerate being held, she let me hold her for 20 minutes as the storm raged, her little ears down flat. She's never been quite that scared before in a storm. The wind howled, the house shook, there were some loud booms and snaps, and even a faint muted sound that sorta sounded like the proverbial Tornado "freight train" sound.

Adrenaline made it difficult to get back to sleep. Morning news informed us they think a tornado did in fact touch down within 1-2 miles of my house. My neighborhood was a wreckage this morning with downed trees everywhere. Thankfully, from what I could see none of the trees actually did damage to anything other than landscaping. But finding a route out of my neighborhood this morning was special so I could get into work, and the commute was even slower due to downed power.

I live in an odd neighborhood, literally 3 different school districts go through my small neighborhood. One of the other school districts was closed today. Last night's storms having wiped out power to most of the schools within it.

Tags: life, weather

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