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Odin for Literacy

I stumbled across this when doing some research for work. The State of Oregon has a promotional literacy program called "Chalk it Up." This image, was created by artist Lee Moyer in 2004 as part of the campaign, and features Odin.

Lee Moyer's 2004 Odin Poster

For any of you having difficulty viewing the image, the caption is "Odin gave his left eye for WISDOM, what will you give?"

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Yeah, that makes me want to read ;P. Great graphic, but it seems like a bizarre ad campaign.
I think it's creative, and the artists who contribute can pretty much tackle any artistic subject or theme they want, so long as it ties back to reading and literacy somehow.
Quite so.

Most people draw images relating to Children's literacy, but since the organization deals with adult literacy, I felt something a little...tougher was required.

oh, that's fantastic!

Chalk It Up for Literacy

Thanks for mentioning the Chalk It Up for Literacy event! The event is put on by Oregon Literacy, a statewide nonprofit, in collaboration with the Portland Literacy Council, the Beaverton Literacy Council, Multnomah County Library's Title Wave Used Bookstore, the Oregon Society of CPAs and other partners. It takes place in Pioneer Square in downtown Portland this year on August 9th. You can check out the variety of styles and themes created at the event here: http://www.oregonliteracy.org/chalkitup/index.html We're always looking for more artists and volunteers, if you're interested in the event please get in touch with me at elizabeth@oregonliteracy.org.

Thanks again!

Elizabeth Raymond
Executive Director
Oregon Literacy

PS - Lee Moyer is awesome, his site is www.leemoyer.com

Re: Chalk It Up for Literacy

Ah yes, the internet. Proof positive that we do in fact live in a steadily shrinking world. :)

I happen to be an Asatru or Heathen, in other words I worship the Northern European Gods such as Odin. I had posted this to share it with many of my fellow friends who also honor the One-Eyed. So often we see art depicting our Gods as little more than behemoth Viking warriors, so it's nice to see something source the very rich tradition that teaches us to respect and value wisdom. Odin was after-all, a God of poets and intimately conencted with the mead of inspiration.

The reason I posted about this was all because of Odin. Literacy of course is a worthy cause, and I wish your organization every success. Because the ability to read opens up the very world to someone.