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News: Popsicle crafted, Viking Longship

I've seen this story pop up (no pun intended) all over the last few days. it certainly is a cute story and no doubt will make all the little heathens in your life using this as an excuse for you to buy them more popsicles.

Ice-cream stick ship sails for England

DEN OEVER, The Netherlands (Reuters) - A Viking ship made from ice-cream sticks set sail for England from the Netherlands on Tuesday.

The 15-metre (50-foot) long ship, named after the Norse god Thor, is made from 15 million recycled ice-cream sticks glued together by U.S.-born stuntman Robert McDonald, his son and more than 5,000 children.

"If you can dream it you can do it ... I want to teach children that anything is possible," McDonald said.

Badly injured as a child in a gas explosion that killed the rest of his family, he has loaded his ship with cuddly toys and plans to reach London and visit children in hospitals.

He and his crew hope to cross the Atlantic later on the ancient Viking route to North America via Iceland and Greenland.

(Reporting by Catherine Hornby; Editing by Charles Dick)

Source: Yahoo! News


That is awesome on multiple levels, not the least of which is I want to build a Viking ship out of popsicle sticks now :D

Thank you for posting these, it's given me something good to read while my poor back has rendered me useless. ;P
I was charmed by the story to say the least. :) Especially as you read into the article, and see the plans of having the ship stuffed with plush to be given to children in the hospital.

And really, it was a mega-backlog of stuff I meant to post MUCH, MUCH earlier.