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Ostara Altar - with photos

So I finally got around to uploading my photos of the altar I put together for Ostara. This covers the initial set-up of the altar, as I forgot to take pictures of it once I had added the food and drink to it as well. Er... whoops. ^^;

The Altar, The Big-Picture

So I began with two bouquets of flowers, including Red Gerbera Daisies, and while not true Tiger Lillies per se, something that's a close cousin to a Tiger Lily for all intents and purposes. I mixed the bouquets for what you see depicted. The large hand-blown blue and green glass vase on the right was for the Gods and Goddesses, and the glass vase on the left (with little glass bees on it) is my new ancestral vase.

This vase (like the candles) I also picked up at World Market. What I love about it is the simplicity of the design, the lines and shape of the vase, and the clear bees attached. before the mythos of cities paved with streets of gold, the old colloquial expression for a wealthy community was the land of milk and honey. Obviously bees tie into that, but for me there's also a symbolic link to my middle name (the one I go by), as it's a colloquial term of endearment that can mean 'honey' and the name itself is in a language that ties back to ancestors in my paternal line. Yes, it's convoluted, but meaning is what we make of it.

The Ancestor's Flower Vase

To color coordinate with the flowers, I found some Japanese yukata-print red fabric with a sakura (cherry blossom) design on it. I spent much of my childhood in Virginia, and every year my parents would take me into Washington D.C. to see the Cherry Blossoms in bloom. I will never forget just how indescribably beautiful it was. A carpet of white and pink petals to walk upon, a soft, wispy rain of it floating down in the eddies of the breeze, a canopy of branches thick with blossoms above you, and then more specs of color floating in impressionistic splendor on the waterways and pools. So the impromptu altar cloth also had an undeniable "Spring" connection for me. Cherry Blossom trees are among the first flowering trees of Spring, so it seemed a fitting symbolism and a considerate personal connection.

Close-up of the Flower Candles & Altar Cloth

Also included on the altar you see some very special votive candles I found that were very blossomy, and by color helped tie everything together as well. These little votives had different colored wax, shaped into a 3-D representation of a flower, and were a find in my local area World Market. (Their website only contains a percentage of what is actually offered in their retail locations).

At the base of the flower vase, is a ring of brass keys I got for the Goddesses, as well as a cloisonne butterfly. Butterflies I personally associate with spring being here, and summer on it's way. And this particular butterfly, also stays on my daily altar as an item I associate with Sigynn. I don't know why it is, but I also associate her quite strongly with butterflies and flowers. I see a connection with Her to gardens as well. The stuffed rabbit, which besides obvious connections with Ostara (or Easter), was also included because well, Sigynn made me do it. 'Nuff said.

Close-up of the Goddesses Keys & Sigynn's Butterfly

I like to include the reasoning behind some of the items, as I know far too often, people struggle with figuring out how to connect with out Gods and Goddesses, and sometimes by seeing examples and understanding some of the thought processes that went into it, it helps others in return. So there ya go.

*Hint: all the images link to much larger versions


YES. I associate butterflies with Sigyn, too. She seems to like stuffed animals. And pretty flowers. She's very girly, but in a cute way. :)

I really enjoyed looking at the altars, I literally squeed out loud looking at the keys and butterfly for Sigyn. (She has way too much of a soft spot in my heart.)

My other half recognized the gerberas right away: he works for the floral industry so he's become quite knowledgeable about different flower varieties.

There's so much here that I like. :)
Sigynn comes across two ways to me, one is as a child, the other is as a mother. There's something about children who are really sick and in the hospital that always has me calling on her, for both the child and the parents. She has a patience and a love that knows no bounds in my opinion. And she understands the great many emotions that both child and parent feel in that situation.

I always enjoy seeing how other people put their altars together. Thank you for sharing.

I added you to my friends list a couple of weeks ago, by the way. I saw you in badheathens, I think, and your posts looked interesting.
No problem, I think it's important that we do share such things. So many of us come to this religion knowing so little, that examples are always great, even if they do things differently. :)

And no problem, you're welcome to add me. :) This LJ of mine tends to be about my musings on all things Asatru, related news articles, anything I find of interest. :)