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The first weekend in May

I'll be missing Asgard Troth's Walpurgis festivities. Anything that involves the great outdoors and camping, especially this time of year automatically rules me out due to my wide plethora of allergies. Although the bonfire sounds like it'd be fun. I'll make time this weekend, probably Friday evening to celebrate at home. I'm meditating on what I want to do now, we'll see what percolates up through my mind by week's end for it.

Instead I'll be going to CAPE in Dallas, it's like a little mini-convention that coincides with free comic book day. Mercedes Lackey is returning this year, so I'll be digging more books off the booksehlf to get signed. After hitting CAPE early in the day I plan to head over and try to take in the Asian Festival over in Dallas.

With next Monday being Cinco de Mayo, I'm pretty sure I'll end up going out for dinner and drinks with some friends. Maragaritas and soapapillas are in order I think. For those unfamiliar with this Mexican holiday, it celebrates a Mexican military victory, but is NOT (as so many people erroneously believe) Mexican Independence Day (that's in September).

P.S. tamyris you still haven't replaced my book from last year I sacrificed and sent to you signed. My book hoarde is crying, you big meanie. :P