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The best laid plans...

I ended up getting sick, and not being able to enjoy CAPE, the Asian Festival, or even Cinco de Mayo festivities. :( Good news is I'm slowly getting better. So my Walpurgis Night festivities have been delayed while I'm recovering.

On top of this I have discovered that my phone has decided to crap out, and how long this has been going on I have no clue. All calls go direct to voice mail. I'm not notified if there are any messages, and I can't call voice mail because my phone gets a error when it tries to call out to any number. The only thing I think is still working on it is the text messaging. I've got a replacement phone dad picked up a while ago, but it's been misplaced in the Black Hole of Calcutta known as my house. ^^; So of course I don't want to invest money on a phone when I have another handy. So I need to 1) find the phone and 2) take it to the store and have them transfer over my contacts, activate it with the number, and deactivate the old phone with that number. In the meantime if you need me, text (if you dare), email, or send me a note via LJ please.


On some cell phones, if you call them from another number, wait until your voicemail kicks, press the pound sign (#) then it will ask for your password and you can access your messages.

How was that for a runon sentence?

yeah that'd help if I knew the number, but I don't. ^^;