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left Hand, meet Right hand, and now bitch slap one another...

why is it that nothing can ever be easy? So here I am, essentially done for days with my various forms I need to get submitted into the research and Compliance office, all except for one seemingly innocuous question. "where will these materials be stored on campus for 3 years under lock and key, and who will have access to them?"

And I thought, huh, goood question. At first my committee chair said talk to Suzanne in the Sociology & Anthropology department, she handles that. so I did, problem, I'm a humanities student and NOT a S & A student, so they won't store it. So i talk to Humanities, and they say we don't do it, talk to Sociology. And so the argument has persisted, no they do it, no they do it. I have in desperation called Research and Compliance to see if maybe they can provide some illumination, but I had to leave a voice mail.

Everyday that passes, makes it more and more unlikely that it'll be approved in time for me to use the interviews and observation i'd like to add to my thesis. It is so frustrating when it's the school itself holding you back. I'm about ready to scream.

can't one bloody thing go RIGHT with this thesis? I mean I've already had to scrap everything I had written, and start over, and I'm still trying to put together a new outline.


Hey Cheree,

If the clock is ticking just decide how integral the interviews are to your CENTRAL points for the thesis. You can always revise for personal use later. Also don't throw out your old outlines. Good luck and don't try to include everything or kill yourself with this.
A master's thesis is supposed to only discuss and analyze ideas, not rewrite the book on germanic philiology. I can see you suffering. Don't make it worse on yourself.