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Friday Funnies

Famous actress Isabella Rossellini stars in a series of short videos known as "Green Porno" as various critters in nature. In ridiculous costumes, she acts out and talks about the lives of the animals.
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That actually sounds rather interesting. And it is so nice to see another Lokiean worshiper out there amongst the sea of people. I am very pleased to meet you, my name is Tiana Skye but, I like to go by the name Linnea, or Sven I have yet to make up my mind as of yet.
And apaprently you're more than just a fellow Lokean, but an otaku as well. :P

I noticed you friended me, I'm always curious to know where I sparked someone's interest about little old me. My plan for an army of minions must be working for subsequent world domination ^_~