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Priceless: Going to Iceland, just because

So I knew tamyris had business that took her into Europe. I got a voice mail from the fiend, saying that she made a detour as she finished her business early, and so was in Iceland for a couple of days before heading back home.

Color me green with envy!
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I am happy for her, but extremely jealous, especially as I bet Iceland is a lot more temperate right now than it is in SoCal (where I'm at).

And it's, yanno, Iceland.

It's supposed to break the century mark here in Texas tomorrow, GUH.

I'd like to be in Iceland too, and anyway I have a familial connection to the land. My Uncle was stationed there during WW2 (as it was a big key local used for supplying U.S. troops in Europe. And while the U.S. troops were there, they built much of the infrastructure (roadways, bridges, etc.) that the country still uses and enjoys today. As it was good practice for the U.S. troops in a peaceful situation, before they hit a war-ravaged Europe when they needed to rebuild and might still have enemy hold-outs nearby wishing to sabotage the construction of a bridge, or road-way.