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Asatru & Racism

I keep up on what's being said about Asatru on the Web, and recently stumbled across a religious Judeo-Christian forum, where they recently posted a thread about Asatru & Odinists, but specifically talking about how the religion was nothing but perpetuated by a bunch of Jew-hating racists.

I took the time to register for the site, and carefully write up a long post, explaining that mainstream Asatru does not equate such messages of hate. I had to break it up across multiple posts, to post. And now I'm awaiting moderator approval for the post. I hope the moderator will authorize the posts, because I think it's an important distinction that needs to be made. I have no problem with them disliking the racists, but they need to understand that mainstream Asatru has nothing to do with the hate-mongerers out there. When I see misunderstandings like this I always take the time to educate. Because I have no desire to ever be lumped summed in with the racists, thank you very much. And I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who has no desire to be linked to Neo-Nazi thugs that don't even truly honor or respect the Aesir.

So here's hoping the moderator will allow those posts to in fact be posted.
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Good Luck. I've found oft on these forums that the listfounders generally don't like contradictions to their world-views.
In this case the "world view" is Judeo-Christian stuff. I would think that so long as I wasn't being inflammatory, but pointing out a factual fault with the conversation, there'd be no problem. And indeed, the moderator has released my post. (or at least the first 2 parts, I did write a 4 part post, and the moderator seems to SLOWLY be reading them). Hey I can admit, I was long-winded. :P

This morning part 1 released, this evening part 2 released. And since I'm agreeing Hitler = inhumane monster, well I think this Judeo-Christian centric forum won't have much problem with me. Especially since I'm explaining stuff, and not proselytzing.

So long as people understand that Asatru does not necessarily equate Racist, I'm happy.