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Faintheart & Denmark

Suddenly there's a surge of Viking related films coming out. And none appear to be of any quality. This one scares me: "Faintheart" a romantic-comedy set in the strange world of Viking re-enactments. Yeah, doesn't that just sound... SCARY?

So Denmark is trying to capitalize on it by Marketing tourism to the country. Not a bad thought really, so for those of you interested:

Travellers invited to the home of the Vikings
20 June 2008

Ahead of the September release of Faintheart, a romantic comedy set in the strange world of Viking battle re-enactments, Denmark's national tourist agency has invited tourists to visit the home of the Vikings this summer.

Every weekend between 26 June and 28 August this year a Viking market will be set up in the centre of Aarhus, where visitors can also find the newly refurbished Viking Museum.

On 26 and 27 July, the Moesgard Museum on the outskirts of Aarhus will host battle re-enactments involving archers, warriors and horsemen who will show off their fighting skills.

This occasion will also recognises Scandinavia's largest Viking market, which dates back to the Middle Ages and was held every year in Aarhus at the end of July.

Stalls at this year's event will sell a range of products and craftsmen will make items from iron, wood, leather, silver, amber, glass and other materials.

Visitors interested in learning more about the history of the Vikings can head to Lindholm Hoje, just outside Aalborg in North Jutland, which is home to Scandinavia's largest Viking burial ground with more than 700 graves.

On 9 August this year, the Viking ship Sea Stallion will return to Roskilde following a 1,400-nautical-mile trip from Dublin, an occasion that will be celebrated with a number of events and activities.

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Source: Opodo Travel News


That is a ripe topic for a cult comedy.
it just scares me, as much as Vikings vs. Aliens.