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Altar Stones: Narvi & Vali

One of my... crusades I suppose you could call it, is encouraging people to explore the Gods and Goddesses that are not commonly known or Hailed. I think many people, for lack of education, only hail a handful of Gods (Odin, Thor, Freya, Frigga, Freyr) but who will not hail Heimdal, or Sif, Hlin or Syn, Gerda, Skadhi, etc. I think that too many of folks rely on these more wellknown types as crutches. I can understand that we don't have as much information available on certain deities compared to others, but I still think it a travesty, that more of our Gods are not known or even hailed at rites.

Falling into this category is Sigyn, and her sons with Loki Narvi & Vali. We know very little about these 3, save for what we discover in the story of Loki's binding. We learn how the two sons die. I think these two Gods also suffer, because Loki is their father. Loki is one of the dividing issues in American Heathenry (although I've been told this isn't the case among the Europeans). So his two sons fall into both the "we hardly know a thing about you" void and which side of the Aesir vs. Loki/Jotun issue they fall on.

For me, I love and honor Loki and Sigynn, so it was natural for me to have something created to represent their sons. Since there are no known representations of Narvi & Vali, I approached an artisan over on Etsy.com and commissioned this pair of altar stones from his shop Creative Art & Soul. The design is on front and back. It was easy to come up with the wolf as the symbol for Vali, as we know the Gods turned him into a wolf, and he devoured his brother Narvi, whose entrails were used to bind Loki to the rock. Just as obvious the wolf symbolism was for Vali, using entrails or a viscerated iconography, well, wasn't the route I wanted to go with. I had to come up with something I personally felt connected with Narvi. The following is the result.

Altar Stones: Front Altar Stones: Back


yeay!!! So cool. And totally needed. I start getting cynical when everybody starts talking about the same three Gods all the time. (And then tend to get very protective of my lesser known ones... "no you can't have her, she's MINE!" *grin*)

And some day, I wanna do an invocation of Loki, where I just stand there and laugh for a full two minutes. At least.
*nods* I've gone to some gatherings where I know the people... let's just say REALLY need to learn to do more than "HAIL -GOD-" and can't seem to escape from Odin or Thor, to come armed with loot, so that if someone does a more sincere, heartfelt hail, that I could gift them, and thus train those gathered (hopefully) through the concept of there being a potential for reward, not to mention having better examples. The sad news is, only once so far have I given away loot "for the quality of the hail."

A man did not prove his worth as warrior alone, but by his ability also to compose verse extemporaneously over the horn.

I can understand new converts and children saying "Hail -GOD-" but anyone who has been around for a while should be able to do more than that, and if they can't... something's wrong, in my opinion.

Edited at 2008-07-03 06:42 am (UTC)
OMGs soooo true. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any groups locally to really work with (I'm sure they're there, but I think the ones I actually like to work with are very quiet, and not going to put out advertisements.) But the larger public festivals, etc... oh yeah. Come on people, we've got brains, lets use them!

I've also got a story about Sigyn that I'm writing down... I'll try to post it when I finally get it finished.
It's hard finding a good group, the problem is no one group has the same personality, focus, etc.

Many of the groups feel very Wiccany too me, I prefer a tribalist sort of structure. I also prefer more formal rituals and structures, not that special garb is required, but just in the way the horn is handled, and how the horn is passed. I don't personally care for those who just hand it to their neigvhbor, in those situations you don't have someone really keeping an eye out for what is being said or not. I mean, having someone at a Disir blot say "to my ex-wife for being a bitch" just isn't appropriate. The folks in charge, SHOULD have 1) explained what the Disir were, and corrected the person. While the less formal groups tend to be more tolerant, the rituals themselves are very jangled and discordant for me. *sighs*

As to groups in your area, the first place I always look is at the Irminsul Aettir site.

Here's Wisconsin contacts (groups & individuals) that are listed: http://www.irminsul.org/aw/awusane.html#USWI

I'd inquire there, they may also know of other groups located closer to you. But from experience in major metropolitan U.S. cities, expect a 1-2 hour commute 1 way to get there, in more rural areas folks will drive up to 3 hours 1 way to meet folks.
Well, two that I seem to spend more time with than the general Regin lately are Viðar and Moði, though Hella always had been....
Hella had always been.. what?

I'm afraid I'm not following your thought there.
With me...