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News: Skinhead Arrested

I hate it when stories like this crop up, bleh. I for one do not equate Asatru with Neo-Nazism beliefs. To me that's Neo-Nazism, and is NOT Asatru.

Mesa police arrest man who says he's a skinhead
July 29, 2008 - 4:40PM
Katie McDevitt, Tribune

An alleged skinhead who police believe grabbed a shovel and threatened to kill a Hispanic woman was arrested Monday in Mesa and faces charges of aggravated assault, threatening and intimidating in the furtherance of a gang and participating in a criminal street gang, court records say.

According to court records, Kelley W. Peters, 37, of Mesa, is suspected of grabbing a shovel from his vehicle about 6:30 p.m. in the 400 block of W. Ivyglen, near Country Club Drive south of McKellips Road, and walking aggressively towards a group of Hispanic people who were sitting quietly under a tree mourning the loss of a loved one.

Peters then yelled that he wanted his step-daughter and raised a shovel saying he was a skinhead and would kill someone, court records say. Peters realized he was outnumbered and backed down from the confrontation. He was arrested nearby, court records say.

Court records said Peters told police he was looking for his step-daughter and said he was a skinhead and wanted to intimidate the group of Hispanic people. He also told Mesa police he pulled out a knife, court records say.

Police did not say why Peters approached the crowd for his step-daughter.

Peters told authorities he is a member of the gang Western Hammerskin, and that he began practicing in 1985 as a Bully Boy, according to court records.

Peters said he has multiple skinhead tatoos on his body, such as a swastika and a tattoo that reads “Hitler’s Warrior.” Peters said he follows the Asatru religion, which is the worship of Viking gods, a common practice in the Skinhead culture, according to court records.

Source: East Valley Tribune



Oh, boy.

I have to say unfortunately it is a common practice in the neonazi portion of skinhead subculture (and not all skinheads are racist, but that's getting into multiple skinhead groups), but while these people may claim to be Asatru, most Heathens and Asatruar are not really like that and tend to actively shun those kinds of punks. Even if I disagree with the Folkish POV I'm still of the opinion that it's not the same thing as neonazism. I mean, really.

I bristle especially hard when I see these news stories because my first Kindred, long time ago, fell apart due to this crap; one of the members started getting into neonazi crap because he thought it was "real Heathenry" and I tried my best to explain that Hitler himself thought the worship of Wotan had failed, and the early Germanic peoples would not have stood for fascist rulership, taking away their freedom. It pains me when I see this stuff because it's yet more bad PR the Northern religion does not need.

Just... ugh.

And why is it the people who brag about being "the pure Aryans" are always the best cases for being removed from the gene pool? No, really. ;P
Yeah and Von Guido was sent by Hitler to Dachau along with the Jews and the others sent to the concentration camps. Those who were called "odinists" were denied the ability to be in the Nazi party, hold office or land, and frankly, had very little rights at all. They were ostracized by Hitler, although he might turn a selective blind eye to certain goins-on at upper echelons of the SS.

EXACTLY. All of the runemasters and Pagans of that time were put in the concentration camps, precisely because they opposed Hitler.

I tried reasoning with the guy, but clearly his ideals were more important than examining history.

That's one of those things the media tends to forget, though. :/