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Real Life Update

So a real update from me. Will wonders ever cease?

Sarcasm aside I realize I've been somewhat quiet of late. There's been a bevy of health issues popping up in my family (my sister, my aunt, my other aunt have been in and out of the hospital). Outside of that I've just been working, occassionally I go out and enjoy a modest social life with friends. Otherwise I kill the time on Lord of the Rings Online, reading, working on arts & crafts, or working on re-organizing my things and figuring out what items just need to go au revoir. Yeah, real exciting huh?

I did get a bit of a raise at work, so that was unexpected, but appreciated. Still, after a load of car repairs I've been trying to find some contract work on Craig's list, so far no luck despite sending my resumé along a few times. But I can be patient.

^.^ I've also had a bunch of things stewing on my mind, just things I'm thinking over of some future projects I may want to invest my time in.

I'm also excited because my oath-sister tamyris will be coming by for a visit over Labor Day weekend. I can't wait to see her. I've missed her, and the little fiend has been traveling so much this year we've hardly talked. I tease her and call her nomadic these days.
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I've been wondering how you've been doing. Things have been really busy for me too. I hope your family members all get better. Things like that are a real strain.

Congrats on the raise!
Yeah... I've been bad about keeping up with folks lately. ^^;

I keep meaning to call you, and every time I remember it's like 2am.