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Just a little ad-lib

Sometimes, it's the little things at work, that can really perk up my day. Today was one of them. The ADR (American Director) of one of our shows came by needing female voices to do some ad libbed background crowd noises for a scene. She remembered I was a fan of this particular show and had asked (rather shamelessly) to be thought of if she needed something like that. 10 minutes of my timee.. in the booth, with a couple of other females, doing unique ad libbed takes, one after the other, that were layered together to make a crowd.

After the putzy nature of some of my work this week (lots of tedious, but absolutely critical work), it definitely was a much needed change of pace. It was also sort of rewarding that I was coming up with some great original ad libs on the fly, I usually totally byte at that sort of stuff, and some of it so totally had the ADR cracking up. ^.^

Now in the final DVD Product for that scene, just how much of anything I said will truly be recognizable, if not audible, remains to be seen, but at this point I don't care.


That sounds like fun! Glad you got to have that opportunity. :-)