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Outlander - it looks as bad as I feared...

Outlander is the name of the film that's about Vikings vs. aliens... it sounded bad to begin with, but the first reviews from it's premiere in Switzerland... certainly seem to only confirm my expectations.

For those of you interested: http://io9.com/5038027/time-to-give-outlander-a-fiery-viking-funeral


Anything with "Jesus" in it is a definite no go(or rent).As for the idea? The Elves = Space Aliens theory's been around awhile(along with God/desses=Space Aliens;>)that I'm hardly surprised someone would come up with a screenplay on the subject....esp when Odin loses one of his eyestalks after drinking with Jabba the Hut at the Cantina one eclipse;>
It sounds absolutely hilarious. I have a feeling that viking does not generally equal box office gold. It sounds like its going straight to the sci fi channel.