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Odin's Ordeal - A Ritual Celebration in August???

I came across someone's blog and in it they quote from The Pagan Book of Days by Nigel Pennick:

"The first day of Odin’s ordeal on the world tree Yggdrasil, leading to the discovery of the runes. According to the Edda, Odin hung on the tree for nine days and nights. This is commemorated from 17 August to 25 August, the final day being the festival of the Discovery of the Runes, when Odin fell “screaming” from the tree, having gained the knowlegde."

I'm assuming that this is NOT an ancient, traditionally celebrated holiday, but rather that this is relatively a recent addition by some select modern-day heathens????


Pennick is a big proponent of UPG AS Reality. His Runebook, while full of good info doesn't separate Lore, Modern Consensus and His Stuff. I tend to automatically drop the credence of ANYONE who "Discovers Lost Runestaves" anyway....
It's sad actually. His AS Runestuff isn't bad until he starts his own aets....