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Viking Buildings Inspiration for New Nature Reserves

Wildlife hides with Viking past
By Victoria Brenan
Last updated 05:37, Friday, 25 July 2008

THE Lake District’s first wetland nature reserve will be a hive of activity next month when Celtic and Viking-style shelters will be built as wildlife hides.

The hides will be constructed at Dubwath Silver Meadows at Bassenthwaite over 10 days in August as part of a community project to protect the lake and its surroundings.

Visitors can then use the hides to view nationally acclaimed species, including grasshopper warblers, curlews, greylag geese, reed buntings and meadow pipits.

Volunteers will also get to grips with wattle and daub, along with green woodworking, in a series of workshops on July 29 and 30.

Leading the work is Martin Clark, of Grampus Heritage and Training. He said: “Early Celtic and Norse settlers had distinctive styles of building and used local materials. Their structures were simple but strong and we are sharing some important lessons in sustainability by copying their styles.

“It is part of investigations into our cultural landscape dating back 3,000 years. At that time, the countryside was in prime condition and all building materials were natural and locally produced.”

Anyone who wants to help with the bird hides should contact Grampus Heritage and Training on 016973 21516.

Source: The Cumberland News