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Archaeologists find Viking era shield

Archaeologists find Viking era shield
Wed, 17 Sep 2008 14:55:08 GMT

Copenhagen - Danish archaeologists say they have discovered a well-preserved Viking era shield, reports said Wednesday. The wooden shield had a circumference of 0.80 metres and was believed to be from the end of the 900s.

The find was described as for the first of its kind in Denmark, archaeologists told the online site Sjaellandske medier.

The shield was found Tuesday near Trelleborg, site of a so-called Viking ring castle near the town of Slagelse about 100 kilometres south-west of Copenhagen.

The ring castle at Trelleborg dates from around 980.

"The shield was in a moist ditch which explains why it was so well- preserved," archaeologist Kirsten Christensen said.


Dig Unearths 10th-Century Viking Shield

(Newser) – Archaeologists say they have found a remarkably intact Viking shield that is at least 1,000 years old, the AP reports. The 10th-century artifact, the first such find in Denmark, was buried in moist soil "ideal to preserve the wood," says an excavator. The 32-inch wooden shield was discovered during a dig near Viking-era castles 60 miles west of Copenhagen.