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Loki gets his @$$ animated...

I just found out there is a new Japanese Animated series called, Mantantei
Loki Ragnarok.

It's about our Norse God Loki, who has been banished from heaven (maybe
asgard unclear here) and becomes trapped in the form of a small boy. He
apepars to spend his time as a detective, but because he is small he gets no
respect and little work. In one of the episodes he shows up at a High School
and the girls make a big fuss about him, because he's just *SO* adorably
cute that they want to take him home. He's got some sort of weapon that he
uses when he needs to as well.

I just had to share this random silliness. I'm sure Loki loved having all those women make a fuss over him. Imagine the havoc he could wreck in such an innocent guise.

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