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Wyrd Designs

Nine Worlds. More Possibilities.

Trickster's Daughter
29 September
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I love the Gods and Goddesses. I have special affiliations and relationships with Loki, Odin, Frigga, and Sigyn.

I am currently a gythia in Urdabrunnr Kindred, and am working on refining (missed some typos and errors) and adding to my Master's thesis "Heathen Magicoreligious Practices: From the Ancient Past through the Reconstructed Present" for eventual publication.

I can't stand the pagan-curious folk who are looking for sex, drugs, and racism. Get lost! You give good pagans a bad name! And you certainly don't understand Heathen thews.

Interested in learning about Heathenry? Here's a good book to check out: Exploring the Northern Tradition.

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